• Partnerships are key to our success

    We specialize in development and professional property management. Partnering with others who provide care allows us and our partners to do what we do best.

    Who are our partners?

  • Helping people reach their potential

    Quality housing improves quality of life, assists in the recovery process and decreases reliance on acute and emergency services.

    What housing options do we provide?

  • Supportive housing transforms lives

    “The people living in our houses have, sometimes for the first time in their lives, a permanent place to live.” - Katherine Sanford

    Who does Sanford Housing Society serve?

Environments that Inspire Lives

We believe that all individuals have a right to decent, affordable housing that gives them dignity and independence. Our supported housing not only provides a place to sleep; it gives people a home and sense of belonging which contributes to a person’s overall wellbeing and assists in the recovery process.

Sanford Housing Society specializes in housing development and property management, partnering with others who provide care. Since 1989, we’ve developed 23 supportive housing projects, providing more than 500 units of housing with varied levels of support in the Lower Mainland.

  • Sanford_How_You_Can_Help


    Make a contribution to support our work in developing and managing housing for people living with mental illness and/or addiction.

  • Sanford Affordable Housing Society


    We provide homes for singles and families who don’t require support services. Learn more about our below-market housing.

  • Sanford Property Management


    We’re sharing our expertise in property management though our social enterprise Sanford Property Management.

  • Sanford Apply For Housing


    Interested in living in one of our properties? Find out how to apply.


  • Testimonial01

    "Our residents feel safe and supported; they have each grown as people unique to who they are. When people feel secure, wellness happens in the same way enriched soil is the base for a better garden."

    - Ron Skolney-Elverson, Day Operations Supervisor, Kettle Friendship Society

  • Testimonial02

    "Since the house first opened in 2000, there have been lots of changes but one thing remains the same, Byron House is a home for all our residents. We are all very thankful for the assistance SHS has given us."

    - Victoria Lim, MPA

  • Testimonial03

    "Sanford Housing Society has provided a long overdue opportunity for mentally ill clients to obtain appropriate housing in a residence of their choice. The staff and service provider are extremely grateful to SHS for always striving to accommodate the residents' needs."

    - Andre Chevrier

  • Testimonial04

    "I am proud of my past association with SHS. The society ranks at the top in terms of delivering on its mission and the dedication of its staff and volunteers."

    - Marilyn Kerfoot, Honorary Board Member, Sanford Housing Society

  • Testimonial05

    "I have been sitting on Sanford Housing Society's Board of Directors since 2001. This experience is my unique way of giving back since I have a mental illness. Every grand opening of a new apartment building gives me wonderful feelings because I know what it can do for the people who move in."

    - Judy Newman, Board Member, Sanford Housing Society

  • Testimonial06

    "I have watched the Society expand and develop more complex projects, creating an enviable reputation and expertise in providing housing for persons with a mental illness. Quality of life has improved immeasurably as a result of the effects of the Society."

    - John Currie, Honorary Board Member, Sanford Housing Society

  • Testimonial07

    "Sanford Housing Society has an excellent reputation that is well earned! Not only respected in the community but has been a great partner in providing Housing Services to our most vulnerable citizens. Sanford Housing Society has the experience to design, develop and deliver housing sites with the tenant needs at forefront."

    – Nancy Keough, Executive Director, The Kettle Society

  • Testimonial08

    "It is great working with Sanford Housing Society. The tenants are always pleased by the service provided, which is always quick and professional. Whether it is the monthly floor service, pest control inspection, or plumbing emergencies – they have been great with making sure the building is in great condition for the staff and the clients. Thank you!"

    – Marion M, The Kettle Society