FAQs for 1720 KINGSWAY

Q.   When did the apartments at 1720 Kingsway open?
A.   The building was ready for occupancy starting September 1, 2017.

Q.  If I am on the BC Housing waitlist, does this mean I’m on the waitlist for 1720 Kingsway?
A.   No.  While BC Housing has provided financing for construction of the building, 1720 Kingsway is not a BC Housing building.  The rents at 1720 Kingsway are not subsidized by BC Housing, and the applications for tenancy will be completely separate.

Q.  Are you taking applications for 1720 Kingsway?
A.  We are no longer accepting applications. The building is now full.

Q.  What are the rents for 1720 Kingsway?
A.  Rents for most apartments will be $1,250/month. There are 3 larger apartments with rents of $1,430/month.

Q.  Does rent include utilities?
 A.  No. Tenants are responsible for hydro. Tenants will be able to access a special rate plan for phone/internet/cable from Telus.

Q.  What is the income range allowable to be eligible for this housing?
A.  Total annual household income must be between $49,999-$69,360 to qualify for the units.

Q.  Who is eligible for this building?
A.  There are several eligibility criteria:
I)   Resident of Vancouver and / or
ii)   Work in Vancouver (N.B.  Priority will be given to Vancouver residents)
iii)  Income at or below the threshold set for this below market development
iv)  Single or couple sharing bedroom.  (No children, no roommates)

Q.  How big are the apartments at 1720 Kingsway?
A.  Most of the apartments are from 481-490 sq ft. Three apartments are 560 sq ft and will have higher rents. All apartments are one-bedroom units and each will have a storage space in the basement. 

Q.   Is this a supported housing building?
A.   No.  This building does not have any on site supports for tenants.  24 of the units will be reserved for clients of The Kettle  Society, and the Kettle will support these tenants as needed.  Overall, the building is simply an apartment building for people with low to moderate incomes.

Q.  How do I apply to be a tenant at 1720 Kingsway?
A.   We don’t have any vacancies right now. Keep checking under VACANCIES on our website. We will post available units there.

Q.   What is the Land Trust and how does 1720 Kingsway fit in?
A.   The Vancouver Community Land Trust Foundation is a non profit society established in 2014 for the purpose of acquiring, creating and preserving affordable housing.  The 1720 Kingsway project is one of three properties being developed as a group (portfolio) of projects that will operate together to provide 358 units of housing.   The Kingsway project will be the first to open and will provide 48 units of below market housing for low to moderate income tenants.  The Kingsway building will be operated by the Sanford Housing Society.  310 more units will follow on two sites located on Southeast Marine Drive and East Kent Avenue. These units will be operated by the Tikva Housing Society (32 units) and the Fraserview Housing Co-op (278 units).    Visit for more information.